How to market your home? Hah, Hah, hah, hah, ha...

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So you are thinking of selling your house, what do you do?  Simple, post it on Facebook and wait for the offers to roll it at over list.  While that sounds amusing, it's not far off the mark.  So why use an agent in this crazy market?

As an agent, of course, I would market my own house without any issues, but then I've sold around 400 properties so I have the experience.  I know what documents to use, when to use them.  How to handle the crazy situations that pop up, as they always do.  How to handle demanding buyers who keep trying to change the rules.  What to do when the buyer's lock has expired and rates have declined, yikes.  Who to call for a fast close, who to call for the best rates... me of course, since I'm now also a lender ;).  What title companies perform and who tend to have a flexible schedule for closing with no sense of urgency as you are set to move out and movers are waiting and the buyer is worried about the costs incurred in extending a lock.

As the agent, I often have to be the calm in the midst of the storm.  I don't always succeed, but that is the intention.  I frequently hear from both sides of a transaction that they just want a stress free closing...................  Sorry, just had to calm my laughter for a minute.  There is no such thing as a stress free closing.  No matter what is done by all parties involved, all parties to a transaction are at the highest stress levels.  Some are stressed every minute of the 45 days or so to close and let me know it every minute of every day.  I've had $1.5M transactions in which I was ready to walk away from the $45,000 commission, it was that stressful and difficult.  Of course my wife stepped in and said, "we need the money, make it work".  So I got my head right and got back in the battle, which unfortunately when money is involved, is almost always a battle.

So can you sell your own house?  Yes, but be ready for a long and irregular learning curve.  High stress, depression, higher than normal alcohol consumption and perhaps thoughts of shooting your dog.  Other than that, give it a go...  Or you can hire someone who knows what they are doing, be that me or any other of the many experienced agents in the area...  But call me first, huh?