Negative Year over Year growth in February

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Real Estate

For the first time since November of '19 we have had a negative Year over Year growth rate in Collin County.  I don't anticipate that this will be long lasting as we are seeing activity jump lately.  I personally made 93% of my income in '22 between January and July and then it died and you can see that in this chart.  But we have seen activity get stronger and the Seat-'O-The-Pants indicator tells me that both sales and prices will rise quickly as overbuilt new homes decline in inventory and as the inventory of resales have declined as well.  Perhaps prices will rise back to the levels we saw mid-summer last year by the end of this summer.  I have been very busy since late December and have begun putting deals into escrow lately with 3 closing's scheduled in March.  For those of you who think Realtor's make all the money and it's easy, haven't seen what we all go through to get to the easy ones, which are very much appreciated but all to few in number.

So if you are thinking of selling.  Typically May is the busiest month and that may again be true this year.  

Feel free to use my trendlines blog to keep up to date on what is happening in the market.  I have been improving it and there is now a lot more data than before and what is nice is that the majority of this data auto-populates straight from the MLS so it will always be current.